Time is relative, of course, but have you ever noticed that the more efficient you become at work, the less time you seem to have? Despite having more experience, greater know-how, faster computers and better software, remote access to files, and of course the wonderful World Wide Web to help solve most problems, there never seems to be enough hours in the day.

My previous boss was more than comfortable putting into practice the theory that ’if you want a job doing well, give it to a busy person’, but it’s not just about the uneven distribution of tasks. The fact is, most of us have more work to do now than we did last year. More than two-thirds of employees say they are working longer hours than two years ago according to a study by the UK thinktank Smith Institute.

With challenging sales environments, workforce efficiencies are commonplace and very often that means employees having to take on additional responsibility. The term ‘job share’ may describe two people sharing one role, but for many it’s now more a case of them having to do the work of two people. For SMEs, a reduced workforce might mean that the marketing manager no longer has a staff to delegate to. Alternatively, it could require a managing director or sales manager to handle the company’s marketing on top of their usual workload. Whatever the circumstances, often the only solution is to work harder and longer hours, be that in the office or at home, even if it encroaches on your home life.

After years of bringing marketing tasks in-house, many companies are now struggling to manage the workload this has created, and have reached the point of needing assistance from outside parties. Budgets might not permit additional headcount, but outsourcing work that had been performed internally has become an option. But this creates a task in itself – finding an external resource that you can trust to complete projects efficiently and professionally without consuming your time to supervise them. Tasks like producing marketing materials, writing content for blogs, websites and literature, or managing social media activity are all things that can be handled by a third party. But who?

HHC Lewis is a PR and advertisement agency that specialises in supporting industrial technology and manufacturing companies, whatever their needs. For some of our clients that means detailed involvement through managing complete advertisement or PR campaigns, but for others it can be ad hoc marketing projects such as producing a new brochure, or writing an article, press release or case study. HHC Lewis has one of the UK’s most experienced teams of industrial and technical marketing specialists, who can understand your requirements and know the best way of achieving them. Our extensive marketing capabilities makes us the right partner to support your communication objectives, whatever they may be. So, if you are looking for an additional marketing resource, drop us a line and let us help you cut back your working hours and reclaim your weekend.

Written by Ian

Ian is the leading PR writer at HHC Lewis, equally comfortable explaining the need for proof testing of measurement devices used in safety systems as he is outlining the ‘Warrington Wolves’ continued struggle for Super League supremacy.
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