With the explosion of internet usage – increasingly on mobile devices – the advertising world is changing. With change comes opportunity and HHC Lewis is well placed to exploit the benefits of new digital media advertising as part of your marketing campaign. We regard new digital media as another weapon in the arsenal, to be deployed where and when appropriate, often alongside traditional media.

The world is your oyster, so they say, but where do you start? Well, we can help you take advantage of the advertising opportunities on both popular social media such as LinkedIn and Twitter and specialised media such a trade journal websites and industry portals.

We can provide advice on appropriate media to deliver your message based on experience and statistical visitor information. Having chosen the appropriate media we can design your static or animated digital banner adverts, ensuring we attract attention, deliver the right message and follow or set corporate style guidelines.

Another area of expertise is managing Google Adwords campaigns. Google provides a number of opportunities for targeted pay-per-click campaigns, including Adwords, Google Display Network banner advertising and retargeting. We can provide advice, set up and manage your campaign and provide detailed click through reports.