HHC Lewis is an advertising and PR agency that provides b2b marketing services for industrial, engineering, technology and manufacturing clients. We are responsive, adaptable and able to fit in with your needs. From detailed involvement as a trusted advisor, to an occasional flexible marketing resource, we can manage, produce or assist with a broad range of communication tools.

We have particular expertise in promoting measurement, automation and control technologies and services to potential customers within industries such as discrete manufacturing, oil & gas, petrochemical, food & beverage, power generation and water & wastewater treatment.

Our advertising team implements successful promotional campaigns throughout Europe, the Middle East, the US and Africa. In-depth knowledge of available media and strong relationships with publishers ensures that we make the right recommendations and receive the most competitive rates.

Our in-house design studio produces eye-catching marketing materials that provide the right information in clear and concise way. Print or digital, promotional literature or advertisements, we can support your writing and design requirements.

Our Experience

Experience is an essential component in the world PR and advertising. HHC Lewis has one of the UK’s most experienced groups of industrial and technical marketing professionals who are able to understand your aims and requirements and know the most appropriate way to achieve them.

Our experience and extensive marketing capabilities make us the right partner to support all your communication strategies. This could include PR campaign management and strategic planning, technical writing across a broad range of sectors, or advertisement design and scheduling.

With clients from across the business spectrum we can talk software, hardware, products, systems, solutions and services – and most things in-between.

Our industry experience includes oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, water and wastewater, metals and mining, railway, discrete manufacturing, sensors, instrumentation, industrial technology, engineering, factory automation, process control and industrial communications networks.

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We have the UK’s
leading team of
factory automation
and process control
PR experts

We have been
tech advertising and
PR services for
over 20 years

Our creative
in-house designers
help bring
technical writing
to life

We produce
marketing content
that drives traffic
to your websites

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This is our story

HHC Lewis was originally founded as Harrison Cowley Advertising, in Bristol, in 1962. A second office was opened in Southampton five years later. In the early 1980s the Southampton agency, and indeed the whole of the Harrison Cowley group, became the leading advertising agency outside London. In 1984, the group was bought by Saatchi and Saatchi, who remained the owners through the recession until 1994 when the (then) Hall Harrison Cowley management secured a buy-out. In August 1995, the Southampton agency was acquired by its vice-chairman and his wife and re-named HHC Lewis. In 2014 the company was acquired by Cherie Pearce and Adrian Chesney through another management buy-out. And now you are fully up to date!